February 26, 2011

Didn’t expect to get to any garage sales today since we were scheduled to print shirts from 9am to noon. But Karl called me this morning and said to come early to pick… Continue reading

February 20, 2011

How lucky to live in Mililani, land of garage sale fundraisers! Saw on craigslist yesterday a soccer team fundraiser with 17 families participating. Lucky me! I scored two architecture books for 50¢ each,… Continue reading

February 19, 2011

omg! What fun I had today going garage sale shopping with Carole & Marisa. I don’t even know how many houses we went to but I bought something from almost every house. The… Continue reading

February 13, 2011

Since we printed shirts yesterday, I skipped garage sales. Lucky me, there was one today at the bottom of Mauka. Sunday sales are great because they are flexible with the price. I picked… Continue reading

February 5, 2011

No time to go garage sales today since I was spending the entire day with my mom to celebrate her birthday which was yesterday. So I wasn’t planning to post today but then… Continue reading

January 29, 2011

The best thing about g-sales today wasn’t my finds. It was that I jogged to three different houses, instead of walking. Since I didn’t find anything until the last house, I got to… Continue reading

January 15, 2011

Yes, that’s right. The last time I went to a garage sale was 4 months ago. I took a long break because of the craft fair season and holidays. So it was fun… Continue reading

September 18, 2010

Sorry for the late posting. Had a very busy weekend, but still scheduled time for my favorite hobby – shopping at garage sales! Went to 4 houses before I found anything. Paid 75¢… Continue reading

September 11, 2010

Score! I found spam musubis but I had to go to 4 houses before finally finding them. Along the way I did find a tan blouse for 50¢ and grey stretch capris for… Continue reading

Garage Challenge by Carole & Marisa

Challenge is on girlfriend!  We discovered garage sales just a couple of years ago and it is soooo much fun!  I think Marisa has more fun than me since she is the one… Continue reading