About Me

I’ve always been thrifty, but when I finally got my driver’s license (a late start at age 31) and was introduced to the wonderful world of garage sales, my passion grew. With Saturday mornings came the desire to hunt down the best bargains from my neighboring community. Luckily I currently live in a new and relatively young neighborhood where the homes are too small for people’s hunger to collect “things.” Their love of objects such as clothing, books, and other household items spill from their packed homes in attempt to declutter. Driveways with pop-up tents appear scattered on random streets with homemade signs stuck in the ground or taped on lightposts. Then the hunters appear sometimes in packs like wolves or a solo hunter like myself. Thirsty for a bargain and eager to snatch up their prey from anyone who hesitates even for a second. And when I finally find something, it’s like uncovering the best thing on earth. It could be someone’s unwanted cookbook or a faded pair of designer jeans. To me, it’s new treasure. And now it gets a second chance.