February 22, 2014

Has it been really a year since my last post? Where has the time gone! Anyway, I try to drift into gsales every weekend. Some weekends are great with fun stuff. Others not so good. Whenever my mom is free, she and my aunties join me and we always have a lot a fun. Today I ventured solo, but still had fun picking through stuff. Managed to fill up my car pretty quickly.


Picked up blue jeans capri pants for $1, which I plan to alter to shorts. Also got black stretch jeans for $1. Can’t quite fit it, but plan to when I lose 5 more pounds. At another house, I got these two brown sweaters for 50 cents each.


I can always use more dish towels. I found this set of three hardly used guest towels for $1 a set. I took both. At other house, I got a set of 5 skirt hangers for 25¢. What a bargain! At other house, I picked up this box of flocked Christmas cards for $2.

potsframesThe original price on the frames were $1 each and when I asked about the pots, the seller said I could have them for 25¢ each. But she ended up letting me have it all for $1.50. Yay!

But this was the biggest find of the day.


I’ve been looking a desk chair for two weeks now. This is the second one I found today. Both were priced at $5, The first one was a little too small. I like the seat of this one. I like that it’s orange too. It was a little worn especially on the right side so I asked to pay $3 for it and the seller accepted. Gave it a generous spraying of Fabreez before it enters our house.