February 2013

Sorry I’ve been neglecting my posts! Since I’m soooooo behind on my post, I thought I would just summarize the entire month here. Here’s a highlight of some of my better finds this month.


Real Simple book $1. DVDs $1 each

I love those “fill the bag” sales. This one was 10 pieces of clothing for $5. So basically I got all of this for 50¢ a piece:


Brown dress


2 cargo pants for future cargo bags


exercise top. It fits!


Racer-back lace top. Haven’t worn it yet.


Haven’t worn this either.


Will use just the fabric.


Also picked up for the fabric.


I worn this a few times.


Brand new shorts with tags. Fits perfectly.

I love this foot stool. I’m thinking of painting it turquoise.

Foot stool $1

Foot stool $1

I found a house that was selling all their DVDs (and they had A LOT!) for 5 for $10. Well I found 6 but she still let me pay just $10 for all 6.



My biggest regret was that I thought I already own Star Wars IV so I didn’t get it. Only when I got home, I realized I didn’t have that one. The search continues!


Was fortunate to also pick up this stainless steel trash can for $10. It’s a perfect match for our kitchen. Our old plastic one was falling apart.

Here’s more miscellaneous stuff.



I ended up making slipcovers for these purple pillows. See below to see how great they look on my newly painted turquoise sewing chair.

blksweatertop greentop sheerblktop shortsDVD tank

Not too exciting but that’s February for you.

Here’s how great my sewing chair looks now. It used to be red (see “Upcycled Projects”). I used the fabric Laura gave me for Christmas to make slipcovers for the purple pillows.

Made with the purple pillows above.

Made with the purple pillows above.

Thanks for the fabric, Laura! (She doesn’t read this blog!)