September 29, 2012

Every once in awhile, someone will ask me to look for something specific for them when I’m out thrifty. So I keep my eyes out for great deals for me and my friends and family. My cousin, for example asked me a few months ago to look for a patio set. I found one on craigslist so I picked her up to take a look.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t what she’s looking for. She’s a Pottery Barn girl, and the one listed was more of a Walmart Special. Oh well.

But we did have fun shopping together. Gayle likes the same things I like – wood, natural stone, West Elm things.

Gayle’s great finds

She found a Pottery Barn wine rack (very heavy) for $5, a welcome stone for her garden $1, bamboo drawer organizer $2, a foldable hat w/ tote $1, and six beautiful bamboo canisters for $5!

Gayle’s cat, Baby takes a closer look.

When Gayle first saw the canisters, they hesitated on a price. Finally they decided on $15 for all six. But Gayle couldn’t decide if she just wanted 3 and I thought she should just get the 3 big ones. We were going back and forth on which size canisters to get and finally they said “Why don’t you take it all for $5.” SOLD.

I ended up with a few nice things.

Plant hangers. I have to find nice plants for them now.

I wore this on Sunday. Perfect for a hot day.

note: I didn’t notice the unraveling of the sweater (on the right side) until I took this picture. I few stitches fixed it up. Wore it to work on Monday.

Will be used for a future cargo bag.

Perfect to sort my colorful buttons.

Found this purse at a soccer fundraiser. Paid $3. Donated $2.

But my favorite find was this red chair. I was looking for a single chair for my sewing area. The chair looks new. At first I was thinking about painting it. But now, I like the red. It’s a keeper!