September 22, 2012

This Saturday, I spent the day with my Mom and Aunty Joyce thrifty at garage sales in Mililani. Can’t get any better than that!

Before we even started, my Aunty Jean wanted me to look at some things she wanted to get rid off, just in case I found something I wanted. And indeed I did!

I’ve been looking for a rice container for months! And here it was… the perfect rice container. Perfect because it was the perfect size and the perfect price… FREE!

Didn’t find anything at the first few houses, but then we got on a roll.

Found this grey linen tank for $2. Also a grey cardigan for $1. Have to wait til the weather gets cooler to wear it.

Then I saw this and immediately thought of Laura. I took a picture and messaged it to her in Seattle. 10 seconds later she responded “Love it!” so I got it for $2.

At the same house, I also found this giant roll of bubble wrap and since I’m mailing cookies to Laura, bubble wrap is a necessity. It was mine for $1!

Just before leaving, I saw this adorable cow doormat for $1. I loved it. My generous Aunty offered to buy it for me. But when she saw my mom was paying for her purchases she told her “Hey, why don’t you give her another $1 for Terri’s mat.” So she did.

Higher in Mauka, I found a brand new Gillette with 2 cartridges for $5.

I also got my third Brenden Fraser movie “The Mummy” for $3. I have yet to watch it. If I like it, I guess I’ll have to collect the rest of the trilogy.

I was also glad to find these four teal pillows. I love the color and since they have zippers, I can remove the covers and wash them. She was asking $2 each but let me have all four for $4. It looks good on my sofa with my other teal pillow (center) that I got from Ross ions ago.

Mom and Aunty Joyce got a few gems too. But Mom was definitely the big spender, buying something from almost every house. Aunty Joyce called her the Queen of Garage Sales, saying that makes me the daughter of the Queen of Garage Sales. I corrected her. “That makes me the Princess of Garage Sales,” I said. ha ha.

2 hours later, my truck was full and we were ready for lunch. It was only 10:00 but our stomaches said “feed me” so off to Ninja sushi we went. Mom treated. Now that’s a great day.

UPDATED FEB. 20, 2014:
Just had to post this picture of Laura in her $2 fur coat in her first snowfall in Seattle. Looks great Laura!

Moments like these are priceless.

Moments like these are priceless.