Sept 15, 2012

My g-sale shopping didn’t go as planned. I found 2 postings on craigslist that were selling “fabric” so those houses were top on my list. Unfortunately, the first house didn’t even have fabric. And by the time I found the second house, all the fabric and sewing notions were gone. What a disappointment!

Oh well. That’s how it goes. I did manage to find other trinkets.

Picked up a Halloween sign for 50¢ and cello bags for 25¢. Perfect for our annual “Nightmare B4 Christmas” idk party in October.

Also found 3 more pairs of cargo pants for $1 each. Been busy sewing cargo bags during the week so cargo pants are always welcomed. Also found a spool of elastic for $1.

A drawer organizer for 50¢ is a much needed addition to my craft/sewing table. Perfect for storing buttons and notions. Also got this great automatic water dish for Chester and Chocolate. Been wanting this ever since I saw one at my cousin’s house. So glad to actually find a used one for $2.

But the happiest find of the day was 3 full seasons of Will & Grace on DVDs. I called Laura in Seattle to ask her if $5 each was a good deal. And she said “YES! BUY IT!” It’s hardly on TV and it’s not on Netflix so I got all 3 of them. The lady who was selling them was happy it was going to a “good home.” Win-win.