August 4, 2012

Today I did 2 smart things. 1. Knowing that my time was limited (had to be home by 8:15), I mapped out all the houses I would shop at from craigslist. Learned this from my friend, Carole. I found 3 sales that were starting at 7am so that was my strategy. 2. Check all DVDs before purchase. Two weeks ago, I bought a DVD “United 93” only to find out there was no DVD inside the case. I won’t make that mistake again. So off I went.

Arrived at the first house at 7am. It was just a few blocks fr my house. There I got a chairside table for $5. Also picked up two DVDs. This time I checked to make sure the DVDs were there. 

At the next house I saw the most adorable child’s wooden chair. It was all wore and aged. Perfectly vintage to me! It had a pink sticker on it that said “FREE.” I was in love with it. Got that along with a tin watering can for $3 and some garden tools. What a great find!

Time for one more stop: The Annual Doberman Pinscher Club’s Yard Sale.

I love this sale! I’ve been to 3 or 4 of them over the years. They have a lot of stuff and their prices are amazingly low. Got a rosemary plant (shown with the wooden chair photo) for $3, two pair of super cute earrings for 50¢ each, misc clothing, a red telephone booth bank for Laura for 12¢, and a bunch of food (spam musubis, rum cake, brownies, and homemade chocolate chip cookies). My total was $7 so I’m guessing I paid 12¢ each for the clothing and the bank because the rest was for the food. Can’t go wrong with that deal!