July 28, 2012

Lately, I’ve been really into gardening. After planting lettuce and cucumbers, I announced to my family “I’m quitting my job and to become a farmer.” I just got smiles and comments like “that’s nice.” Oh well.

One of my biggest gardening challenges is that our soil is so hard that the plants have a hard time thriving. Shallow-root plants can do very well, but others, like the 5 papayas in my yard are just a mere 1 to 2 feet tall and it’s been over a year. I’ve given up on them ever fruiting.

So when I saw a posting a craigslist that said “cordless cultivator” I knew I had to contact him. Turns out he lives 5 minutes away so I went to his house Friday night. It was practically new. He only used it once. I offered him $35 for it, but when he didn’t have change for my $40, he said he would take $20 for it. I managed to scrounge up $29 in loose bills and gave that to him. We were both happy.

It’s very lightweight so it’s perfect for me. It’s still has a hard time with our clay-like soil but it does a much better job than manual tools so I’m pleased with it.

On Saturday, I just had a few hours to shop since Bill had his tennis playoffs in the morning. I found men’s grey cargo pants for $1 (perfect for my cargo bags) and a Scrabble set for $2. Now, I’ve been looking for Scrabble for over a month now. I’ve seen others but I thought they were asking too much for them. Unfortunately, it turned out half of the letters are missing! Lesson learned. Have to check for missing parts first! Also found a book for Laura. Got “Of Mice and Men” for 25¢. She’s into the classics.