July 21, 2012

What’s better than shopping at garage sales on Saturday morning? Shopping at garage sales with friends! Today, I picked up Carole and Marisa for some Saturday morning treasure hunting. Carole is so organized, she wrote down all the addresses of the “good ones” from craigslist.

At our first stop, which was a soccer fundraiser (gotta love those fundraisers), I picked up this dusty old mirror for $2. I didn’t know if it was scratched because it was so dirty but I took a chance. Later I came home and cleaned it up. NO scratches. But it wasn’t dark brown like I thought. It was black! Here it looks all nice and clean in my downstairs bathroom. Everyone loves it. Including me!

At another house, I picked up this newly packaged bath set. Now, newly packaged bath sets like this are common sightings because I think a lot of people get them as gifts and never use them. This one has a lot of neat bath pampering stuff for $3.

I’m always on the lookout for clothing work or casual. I got this cream sweater and blouse for $2. Weather is too warm  now so I’ll have to wait for cooler winter months to wear it.

I also found this Roxy dress for $1. I was originally just buying it for the fabric print. Thought it would be good for a future craft project. But when I came home, I noticed it might fit me. And it does! Well, it’s a little long. But I’m keeping this one for myself.

Picked up a few miscellaneous things: skirt hangers for 25¢ (found this in Waipio), DVDs for $1, and 2 bags plastic knives for 25¢ each.

Our fun ended too soon and I had to drop of Carole and Marisa and pick up Bill at tennis practice. But when I got there, he wanted to play for another hour. Lucky me! So off I went looking for more sales!

In Waipio, I found a bag of neckties that I thought I could recycle into a craft project I saw on pinterest. I saw many ties todays at two other houses in Mililani. Those were going for $1 each. This bag of ties were $2 so I snatch those up. First thing I did with them when I got home was to wash them because according to Dr. Oz, neckties are seldom washed. Gross. When I make something (in the future), I’ll post it.

At the last house, I found this ornate bed tray, which I got for $1. It had some water damage. But I was planning on painting it. Painted it turquoise (same as the ladder from post July 14, 2012) and used the same distressed look. Turned out great and I love the color. So cheerful.