July 14, 2012

Really had high expectations today since we were going back to the Kahala house (see post May 26, 2012) for an Estate sale. Last time I was there, I bought 12 bricks for my backyard. So Laura and I drove to Manoa to meet up with my mom and Aunty Joyce. Boy, were we disappointed. Unlike the last sale, this one was so unorganized. Trash bags of cut fabric were piled on the floor selling for $40 a bag. No one there was really interested in looking through the trash bags so there was not much left to look at. I did find a jar of jump rings that I purchased for my friend who is a jewelry crafter. I don’t know much about jewelry findings but it looked like a good deal to me.

We headed back to Manoa and stopped at a few more sales but didn’t find much. I did purchase this short step ladder for $3. I thought I could use it as a bookshelf or a plant stand. But eventually, I ended up painting it a beautiful turquoise. I used a distressed technique on it. I’m using it as a ladder in my garage until I find a better home for it.

Made one more stop in Mauka on our way back home and Laura bought a boy’s long sleeve blue shirt for $2. Very cute.