July 4, 2012 Unexpected Shopping

Spent the morning of July 4th printing shirts in Wahiawa. We ended at 11:30 and decided to stop at Lum’s Inn for a quick lunch. And wouldn’t you know it. There was a garage sale going on in parking lot of the store next door. I walked over while Karl wanted for our food.

Right away, I couldn’t resist there’s necklace holders. For 25$ each, I had to grab them. Thought I would give them to Carole so she could use it to display her jewelry. (I saw her later that night and she loved them!) All it needs is some sanding and a new coat of paint. Easy peasy.

They also had two barstools and a solid wood coffee table. All for $5 each. I decided to get just one of the barstools since the other one was barstool height and I really only need counter height. It was $5 and it looks brand new.

I really liked the coffee table. Looked really retro 60’s. But there was no room in the car and I would have no place to put it at home. Somethings you just have to pass.