July 1, 2012

It’s rare but Sunday sales are the BEST! Less people. Easy street parking. And people are willing to lower the prices for you. Just found 2 sales today. Nothing at the first house. But at the second one, I found this “Simply Abundance” book which is a great source of daily inspiration. When I asked for a price, she told me to make an offer. So I said a dollar, which is a fair price. She was happy. But the books I really wanted were the Pottery Barn series. I love the pictures and the writing style. I put one book in my hand and asked for the price. This time it was the husband who answered.

“Don’t you want all the books?” he asked.

“I DO want all the books,” I said. “There’s 5 of them.”

“How about $10?” he offered. I really only wanted to pay $1 so I put down the book. “Aren’t you going to get the books?” he said.

“Well, I really want to pay $5 for them and we’re not close on price,” I said.

“Okay,” he said. “You can have them for $5.”