June 16, 2012

I’m a little late posting this but since I didn’t go to any sales last week, this is the perfect chance to catch up.

I started the morning at the high school and ran into my friend Carole with Marisa there. Since this was a week before Laura’s grad party, these candles really caught my eye. Candles are so common at g sales. I think it’s because people either get them as gifts or buy them for themselves and never use them. I found all these candles from 3 different sales. Got the big candles for 50¢ a piece. Then I paid $1 for 3 med citronella candles and an open bag of citronella tea lights. Great for party.

Got a bunch of miscellaneous stuff from different houses in Mauka. The big basket was $2. The round nesting baskets that look like urns were $3 for the pair. The black car visor was 50¢. The Old Navy monkey was 25¢ (I collect recalled Old Navy softies. However, this one was not recalled). And I got two entire seasons of “Friends” (Season 2 &3) for $3 each. Made Laura happy since “Friends” is not available on NetFlix.

I jokingly told Laura that I would buy a chair to take to tennis today and I found one! It really wasn’t for sale. The owner was just using the chair for display toys. But I asked and her kids convinced her to sell it to me. Now I had a chair for tennis.

At the last house I ran into someone I knew years ago from church. She was selling skirt hangers which Laura and I really need. I bought her entire collection.

I put the nesting baskets at the bottom of our stairs. They look great there next to Estate Sale stool.