June 9, 2012

I cannot believe how much stuff I found today. So much so that my car was full! Front and back! Got a little bit of everything which is always fun.

Another fun thing about today is that Mizuki (Laura’s friend) wanted to go to garage sales too after being exposed to our g-sale last week. So she, Laura, and Hannah were on the hunt too (although in separate cars. Laura didn’t want mom tagging along. Oh well). Before I left I told Laura to look for mason jars for me so we can put candles in them for her upcoming grad party.

My first stop was the high school because they usually have a lot of stuff. They did, but all I found at the first one was a large black picture frame for $1 and a floral bulletin board for 25¢.

I didn’t know it but the second one at the opposite side of the MHS parking lot was a fundraiser for Jayna’ soccer team. Saw Krissy, Jayna, Aunty Jean, and Uncle Clarence there. Gayle had just left. Krissy said Gayle bought an old suitcase and filled it with used clothing to take for the children of Nepal. Great idea and so sweet. I found a brown sleeveless top with the original tags on it for $1. And then I found simple, but nice cake stand for $1! (note: My cake stand collection is now 4).

Next stop was Laura’s classmate’s house who was having a g-sale/bake sale. She’s famous for cute cupcakes so I stopped by to pick up a few for Karl and the girls. (Sorry, no pictures of the cupcakes.) Laura and the girls arrived right after me.

Skipped the tons of g-sales in lower Mililani to return to the millions of sales in Mauka. At the first house I ran into Laura and the girls again. I picked up 3 DVDs for $3 each (going rate at Book-off).

At another house, I found this green (although it looks blue in the picture) cargo shirt. Will use for future cargo bags.

Got lucky at the next house where I found this great wicker basket on a metal stand. She lowered the price for me from $6 to $5. My lucky day because I was looking for a coffee table for my patio set. Now it looks complete! And the basket opens for great storage too.

A few doors down, guess what I found? MASON JARS! The entire box, which had 17 different size jars cost $5! I don’t know who was happier… me or the guy who was selling them. He was thrilled.

I want to use them as decorations for the party.

Look how nice they look with candles!

It was at the next house that I went crazy. They just had so much good stuff. First, I found this mug rack for $2. We have one already but it’s full so a second one will be very helpful.

Next, I found these shadow box picture frames. I love shadow boxes. But these ones are going to come in handy because I want to use them to store/display my earrings. I saw it on pinterest and it looked nice. The asking price was $3 each but I asked if I could get them for $2.


I had to pry the ceramic soap bars and bathtub figures out and I burned my finger with the glue gun while lining the fabric in the frame. But it turned out really nice.



(pic of shadow box with earrings)

Now,  this really got me excited. Amongst the clutter, I found this 5-tray bead organizer in a black case with shoulder strap. This is perfect for our buttons!

And I found a table top ironing board to replace my old ironing board that has screws now coming out of it. Time to throw that one away!

I also found a small rolling duffle bag. Perfect for carry-on luggage. It looks brand new and at $5, it was a no-brainer. I took a picture but can’t find it on my computer. Left that house $21 later.

Picked up a few miscellaneous items at the next house. A roll of muslin for $3. A wooden bookstand for $1. Will use it to hold signage for fairs. And a flower vase with frog for $1. Will have to give it to Aunty Joyce.

Decided to stop at just one more house on Hannah’s street. There I found this long area rug for $3. It’s a perfect fit for our master bathroom.

I also got cargo pants for 50¢. More bags!

Turns out one pants can only make one bag.

(pic of cargo bag)

3 hours later, I returned home. My max is 3 hours. After that, I just get too tired. Laura returned home a couple of hours later. She got a bunch of clothes  and 4 Harry Potter books.

The total of all her clothes was $5 and since she got a bunch of stuff, we figured this dress was $1.25. Looks great.

We both did well today but the real g-sale winner was Mizuki who scored a Kitchen Aid (yes, I real Kitchen Aid) for $5.00! Of all my g-sale shopping, I’ve never seen a Kitchen-Aid at a g-sale. She found one that just needed to be cleaned. I didn’t know that she’s been wanted one for a year. She was so happy, she jumped up and down. Later that afternoon, she sent Laura a picture of the cinnamon rolls she made with it. They looked awesome.