May 26, 2012

I was disappointed when I realized the mega Mauka annual Memorial weekend garage sale wasn’t going to happen. Don’t know why but there wasn’t one this year.

Plan B: Mom heard about a g-sale in Kahala that had fabric and crafts. I later found it on craigslist and it also had pots & plants. My kind of sale.

Twenty minutes and $20 later, I got 2 remnants ($5.00), a platter  ($1.00), a t-shirt refashion craft book ($4.00), and 12 heavy bricks ($10.00)!

Just this week, I went brick shopping at Walmart but was disappointed to find the stone I wanted cost $2.98 each. So finding these bricks for 83¢ each was music to this frugal gardener!

My new stepping stones for my sloped backyard!

Mom found enough fabric to make a ton of bags (her newest passion)! She spent $60, nearly all for fabric. But she did also get a huge green ceramic pot for $3 and some old patterns for 33¢ each. What a steal!

I put all our stuff on this table and continued shopping. When I wasn’t looking, someone picked up my beautiful green tinted vase and bought it! I was so sad! Lesson learned.

We drove away with a trunkload of bricks and bags of fabric in the backseat.

Then, since we were in the area, we stopped by the KCC Farmer’s Market for an early lunch of corn on the cob, basil pesto pizza, and ginger lemonade. Yep, it was only 10:00 but soooo yummy.