May 18, 2012

I’ve fallen so behind on my posts but I keep shopping so one day I hope to catch up. Until then, I couldn’t miss writing about yesterday’s finds. Because it was a big one.


Amazing, right? When I saw this set, the first thing I thought about was Laura’s grad party in June. Wouldn’t it be great to have all this additional outdoor seating. I was talking to my mom about garage sales when I saw it so I just sat on one of the loveseats and I thought, boy this is really comfortable.

The original set had a firepit/table which was 3′ square. It had been used and wasn’t in good shape. Plus, who needs a firepit in Hawaii?

This was the original picture I shot with the iPad and emailed to Bill.

The owner quoted me $125 for the set. Bill and I weren’t interested in the firepit/table. So Bill suggested asking for the set without the table and paying $100. I politely asked the owner if he would be interested in breaking up the set because I wasn’t interested in the table. Then I asked for a new price and he said “How about $75?” S-O-L-D!

He and his very large son loaded the CRV for me. It told me two trips from mid Mauka to home to get all 4 metal pieces home plus the cushions. I just love the cushions!

Finally, our patio has patio furniture! The table was one of the few things we brought over from Waikele.

I think $75 is the most I’ve ever spent at a garage sale. But wasn’t it worth it?

I still had more shopping to do. For some reason, there were tons of sales today. I suspect it was because last week was Mother’s Day weekend and everybody was too busy. So it seemed like this weekend, there were double sales.

Super cute blue sweater for 50¢.

Casual brown top for me 50¢.

Roxy board shorts for Laura 50¢.

Very new looking white shorts for me $1.

Watermelon stand for my plants $3. Haven’t decided if I’m going to paint it all green. I’m really not into the country look.

Plastic bucket 50¢. New hairband and Chococat keychain 25¢ each.

And then I got misc clothes for 50¢ to $1. Everything in this pile is for future craft projects. In fact some have already been sewed into bags.

So overall, a successful day!