March 31, 2012

This post is 3 weeks late! Yikes! Where do the hours go?

On Friday night I usually check out Craiglist and map out my garage sale plan for Saturday. I saw a sale on Krissy’s street so I thought I would head there first. Well it turned out to be AT Krissy’s house. It was a garage sale for Gayle’s trip to Nepal. Gayle, Krissy, Aunty Jean, and Stewart were there. They had all kinds of stuff including a foosball table, barstools, and books, and clothing. While rummaging around I got served breakfast and coffee by Gayle! This is a great sale.

But the morning crowd quickly overran them so I ended up staying and helping them out for 1.5 hours. Had to leave eventually to take Bill and Laura to the high school for set building at 9:30. But I did leave with a few trickets.

Donated $5.00 for the above.

Got this canvas Korean BBQ bag because I liked the size and sturdiness of it. I’m planning on recovering the ugly logo on it even though Aunty Jean told me how she was so proud to win it at a gold tournament. She gave it to me for free.

After I dropped Bill and Laura off and took a few items to donate to Gayle’s sale, I hit more sales in Mauka. It was late, near 11am but I still manage to find good stuff.

I love the fabric of this blouse. I paid $1.00 for it. I took apart the blouse and used it to line the inside of a black leather bag that I made for my Mom for Mother’s Day.

(picture of leather bag)

At the same house I got this faded bear t-shirt and this white linen blouse. They were asking a $1 for each but that was too high so I offered $1 for both. Both are going to be pillows (I think).

Next door, I found these red hat boxes for $2.00. Great for storage!

Found a few more finds at random house going up Mauka.

Black purse for $1.00

Super comfortable brown leather shoes for $1.00. I wear them all the time now.

A Forever 21 top for $1.00

DVD for $3.00

Oprah tote for 50¢

Brown lacy blouse for $1.00

Then I found another fundraiser g-sale where nearly everything was 50¢!

Blue top. (It's too big so I have to alter it.) 50¢

Candle holders. 50¢ for the pair.

A future reconstruction project. I like the reversible fabric. 50¢

Hmmm... the possibilities! 50¢

For exercising or pjs. 50¢

Yoga pants fr Old Navy. Looks new. A steal at 50¢.

I didn’t come home til 1pm and I was truly exhausted. But I sure did get a lot of nice things.