March 24, 2012

Had just an hour today to do my g-sales between dropping Laura off at the high school at 8am and returning the car so that Bill can work on set-building at 9am. Thank goodness my first sale was at the high school parking lot. There was a lot there but didn’t want to stay long so I just picked up two things: a boring long brown dress and an ugly textured blouse. I paid $5 for the pair.

As ugly as the blouse is, I really liked the texture and it had really cute surfboard buttons.

When I was paying for it, one of the ladies said “The blouse matches the dress.” omg. Do they really think I’m going to wear this in public? No, I have my own agenda.


I was inspired by a post I saw on pinterest. I practiced on a t-shirt first and that turned out to be easy. So I thought I would try it on the blouse. Saving the surfboard buttons for another project.

Stopped at two houses on the way home. At the second house, I picked up a pretty large shelf for $2 and two brown men’s shirts that I’m going to use to line bags. The shirts were $1 each.

I plan to paint the shelf dark brown. It’s very sturdy. Can also be a plant stand.