February 25, 2012

One of my pet peeves about garage sale signage is that the signs are only visible if you are driving uphill and since I live near the top of Mauka, I can’t see the signs from my vantage point. This requires me to drive to the bottom and then make my way back up.

So since I was going down, might as well go to Hanalani for their fundraiser garage sale. And I’m glad I did. Got a lot of great deals. Most of the clothes were 50¢ or $1.

Black sleeveless top 50¢. Black printed shirt 50¢.

Grey flaired skirt 50¢

Black top $1. Grey skirt 50¢

I loved the fabric of this oversized dress. Cost 50¢. Planning to reconstruct it for a sewing project.

Rockport shoes $2.00. Really comfortable.

Twine, glass bowl for my fishes, and a large piece of fabric for printing shirts. All for $1.

Banana Republic blouse $1.00

Returned to Mauka and went to various sales but since it was past 9:30, I’m sure I missed a lot of good stuff. Still, I managed to find great buys.

Blue blouse 50¢

Baggy grey blouse 50¢

Triangle vases 75¢ for the pair. Ceramic 10¢. Blu-ray DVD $3.00

Brown sweater $1.00

At the top of Mauka, I found a pair of ugly Earth Shoes moccasins. I tried them on and they were really comfortable but very ugly and dirty. They are going to make a great craft project I saw on pinterest. I’m going to recover them!

Ugly shoes $2.00

At the same house, got two tank tops for 50¢ each.  Both have razor back so I thought they would make good exercising clothes.

Tank top 50¢. Shorts $1.00

Then I found a house that was a fundraiser for Relay for Life. I wanted to support them so I got a few things and 4 candy bars too. (Sorry, no picture of the candy.)

Blue blouse 50¢

Kahala Aloha Shirt 50¢

Rug 50¢

Turned out to be a great day for garage sale shopping.

My pile of clothing. I need more hangers.