February 19, 2012

Love Sunday garage sales. It’s a rare find but when you find them, you can find great deals. The morning saw a lot of rain. So it was difficult to shop. But I did find two great sales in Mauka. One was a fundraiser for a girl’s soccer team. They offered great prices.

What a bad picture! Oh well. This grey blouse was 50¢. The long black shirt was $1. I wasn’t sure if it would fit because there was no size tag on it. But it was stretchy fabric so I took a chance.

Looking for fleece sweatshirts and got them. These were 50¢ each. They are going to get cut-up for upcoming sewing projects.

I love the texture of this brown jacket. Paid $3 for it. It is going to great use. I made three cell phone cases with one sleeve. I love upcycling projects!

I’m a sucker for baskets and glass. This basket with leather handles and snowflake mason jar were 50¢ each. Laura loved the basket and used it in her photoshoot minutes after I brought it home.

Photo by Laura

At the second house in upper Mauka, I got an Aeropostale bag for $1, a Britain shirt for Laura for 50¢, a UH burnout shirt (also for Laura) for 50¢ and 4 new hairclips. Those were free. I was really close to buying a new Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker for $10 but I passed. It’s not making ice cream that I love, it’s eating it.