February 18, 2012

Today, I really wanted to concentrate on finding fabric or clothing that I could reconstruct. I am really in the mood to sew so that was my mission. But at the first house that I went to (which was a friend of Garrin’s), I saw these wooden barstools. Lynn and Kelli were looking at them and saying that they thought I would really like them. Of course I did. They look just like Pottery Barn. They were asking $15 a piece for them which normally I would pass but since this was Garrin’s friend, I paid full price. They are very sturdy and in fairly good condition.

Later, I found a similar one online. The stool is called a potter’s stool. The height is adjustable by turning the seat. The one online was $130.

I think I might stain them later so that it matches the rest of our furniture. Right now I’m using it as my desk chair since Bill  took mine.

At the same house, I also got a tape dispenser for 50¢.

Returned to Mauka and got a ton of stuff. Mililani Middle school had some good finds. My trunk for full by 9:30.

Got this brown top for 50¢ and the skirt for $1. Fits!

Here’s the picture of the tape dispenser from the first house. Also got these adorable bud vases for 50¢ each. Perfect for my blooming roses. The ceramic was also 50¢. I love the holes on the sides. Plan to put twine in the holes and turn it into art.

Got a circle cookie cutter for 25¢ (great for donut making), a cosmetic travel bag for 50¢ and “Sex and the City 2” for 50¢.

Picked up the pillow for $1. Plan to wash it and make a new cover for it. I got it because the red cover had a zipper so I knew I could remove it easily. The misc clothing are going to be used as salvage for upcoming projects. I was looking for texture and fabrics I could reuse. Plus at 50¢ each, I couldn’t pass it up.

This surfboard aloha shirt really caught my eye. I love the print. Got it for Bill for $2.