February 11, 2012

It’s true. Amazing treasure sometimes will wait for you to find it.

Today was all about finding a prom dress for Laura. We woke up at 6am to go to Bill’s and Karl’s tennis game at LCC at 7:30. Then we had a nice breakfast (although I ate saimin) at Shiro’s. At about 10, Laura and I drove to town to look for a dress for prom. She wanted to go to Calista’s although I wanted to check out consignment stores first. When I couldn’t get off the freeway to go to Kapahulu, I decided we should go straight to Calista’s at Kahala Mall. The first dress kind of freaked me out when I saw the price tag at $400. Didn’t think we would find a dress because Laura is so particular. Can’t have sparkles or jewels. Has to be full length. Can’t be pastel. Doesn’t like one-shoulder dresses. Most of the dresses were eliminated immediately. She finally found 4 to try-on (although the first two were the same style, different color). On the 4th one, we both liked so we got it. It was noon.

I didn’t think we would find a dress so quickly. I thought this was going to take all afternoon. So happy. “So now can I stop at a garage sale?” I asked Laura when we put her dress in the car. “Sure,” she said.

I had made a mental note of a rather interesting one I saw on Craigslist last night. It was in Kaimuki and had all kinds of old things listed such as carnival glass, Occupy Japan dishware, and more. So I headed off to that direction hoping I would stubble across it. YES, I did.

Their front yard was littered with junk. Real junk. Not the regular garage sale stuff you see in Mauka. This was old stuff: dirty tools, dishes covered in dust, albums, worn furniture, boxes, and boxes of real junk. I was thrilled.

Laura was immediately drawn to a green tub chair on castors. It was very retro and very filthy. “I really like it,” she said. “Go ask them for a price,” I encouraged her. She did. “$5.00,” they said. She jumped up and down. She was ecstatic. I ended up getting the chair for $5 and an old mason jar (I just love glass) for $2.50.

The chair was obviously the best deal. Laura said later, “I think I am more happy about the chair than my prom dress. I’m my mother’s daughter.”

We spent 1.5 hours cleaning the chair. You can’t tell by the pictures but it was really dirty. The tufted area was covered in dust. When we flipped the chair over, at least half a cup of sand came out from the sides. We used leather cleaner and a leather polish and we restained the wood base. Didn’t do anything to the casters. It’s now in Laura’s room, cute as can be.



Close up of the dust


Using the leather cleaner

Before staining

After staining


Finished chair in Laura's room