January 14, 2012

I was so excited about going to g-sales this morning, I actually dreamed about it. In my dream, I forget to go and I realize it’s 11:30.  Then I wake up (but I’m still dreaming) and it’s really 9am. In reality I woke up at 7:15. Turns out I didn’t miss much.

It started out well. At the first house at the bottom of Mauka, I spent $3.50. Got a Billabong hat for 50¢, a basket for $1, a martini glass for $1, and 4 grey tea cups for $1. This was a fundraiser so they had a lot of stuff. But what I was really looking for was glass vases for my mom’s birthday party in February.

I always look out for good gardening pots. This one is in my favorite color too.

I’m going to have to say this was my favorite find of the day. It was dusty and filled with knick-knacks when I found it on a crowded table. The lady said she was asking $3 for it since it’s made from myrtlewood from Oregon. I really liked the free-form shape and the wood grain so I got it. I really like it.

Right next door I got 3 DVDs for $5.00.

I finally left Mauka disappointed that I never found glass vases for my mom’s party. But at the first house in lower Mililani, I did find these candle holders for 25¢ each. I love the green recycled glass ones. Too bad she only had 3. I’m going to put a tea light candle and decorate them with raffia and leaves for the party.

At a house near Walmart, I picked up this cactus for 50¢. I’ve bought cactus from this house before. But how could I pass up this one that looks like a rabbit.

At the last house, I picked up a Banana Republic brown sweater. They were asking $3 for it. But I pointed out a small hole in it (hardly noticeable) and asked for a better price. So I got it for $2. It was a size medium so I thought it would fit but when I tried it on, it was too small. Surprisingly, Laura liked it so it’s now hers.

But I never got the vases. I ended up going to Walmart to get them.