Jan 7, 2012

Happy New Year!

Me and Chocolate. Taken with web cam.

I wanted to post this picture because as I’m blogging, my cat keeps tapping me on the back with his paws. It’s an hour to dinnertime, cat!

Now that the craft fairs and holidays are behind us, I can look forward to jumping back to garage sales again! Yea! It’s been awhile.

Went to Bill & Karl’s tennis games this morning at 8am and then our families had a wonderful brunch together at Big City Diner. So by the time I went to my first g-sale, it was noon. Luckily, there was one on the street below ours. They obviously got wiped out. Just scrapes left but I still got a few awesome finds.

I love wood so this little stool caught my attention. It’s small but quite heavy and sturdy. Snatched it up for $1.00. It will come in handy in my garage.

Also got this black bed tray in great condition for $1.

At the same house, I picked up this sewing magazine and 3 cork boards for $1 and 2 Stephen King audio books for $1 each. I’m not familiar with either books but I do love audio books so this was a steal for a dollar.

At 12:20, I arrived at the second house that was a fundraiser for the MHS Soccer team. They were closing at 1pm so a man handled me a big plastic shopping bag and said whatever I could fit in the bag was mine for $5. omg. I love shopping at closing time.

30 minutes and $5 later I left with 5 blouses for work, 2 t-shirts, 3 skirts, a bathrobe, and Stephen King’s DVD “Pet Sematary.” Twelve items for $5 means I paid 42¢ for each item. Can’t get any better than that. All the clothes fit except for one blue top (size med, but still too big). Another black top didn’t look good on me, but Laura loved it so I gave it to her.

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