Sept 17, 2011

Today was so fun because I got to do one of my fave things (going to g-sales) with my fun family (my mom, Aunty Joyce, and Brittney). What a great time we had. My Aunty got a great deal on wine charms. My mom got 2 stadium chairs for $2.50 each! What a deal! I picked up a few things too.

Got a set of unfinished wooden trays for 50¢ for 3. After I paint them, they will make great gifts at Christmas. Also got a UH cap for 50¢. “Women, Food, and & God” was $1. I’ve been wanting that best-seller for 6 months. Got a wooden mug holder for $1. The business card holder was free. The DVD “The Day After Tomorrow” was $3. Also got a black sleeveless top for 25¢ but I had a hard time photographing it so I deleted it.

The funny thing is at the 3rd house, I found this.

Hey, that’s our shirt! Didn’t ask for a price because I’m assuming it is priceless.