September 4, 2011

Was planning on taking this week off fr g sales but I saw a posting on craigslist that said plants for sale near Walmart area so I thought I would check it out. Unfortunately, I found a house but no plants. Maybe it was another house. Oh well. Did find stuff.

This very beat-up letter holder was worth picking up at 10¢. I plan to paint it and do something nice. I already finished sanding it by hand and applying a light antique ivory finish. Leftover house paint. I might do a crackle finish if I can find crackle paint at Walmart. Very inspired by watching 3 episodes of “Cash & Cari” every night while exercising. She’s really into refinishing projects.

Also picked up this handful of buttons for 10¢. Buttons can be expensive so finding them at garage sales is a real treasure.

This brown pullover sweater fr Old Navy is so soft, I thought I could cut it up and make a pillow. It was 50¢.

This black Aeropostle blouse made me really happy. Not only was it 50¢, but it (size 2) was also a perfect fit. I never thought I could fit a size 2 in anything so yes, that made me smile.