August 27, 2011

With all the g sales within 1 mile of my house, today’s finds were so disappointing. In fact, I came home early. Here’s what I did get.

I know. I know. I already have a lot of bags. But this one I couldn’t resist. Why? It was 10¢. That’s ridicules. I also bought a spam musubi for $1.

At the last house, I got 3 brand new chopsticks. I really don’t need chopsticks. But the elephant buttons on the chopstick covers were so cute. The seller was obviously a world traveler with collectibles from everywhere. The chopsticks were 75¢ for 3. So I spent$1.85  today. Probably spent $2 just in gas.

Bill has my camera in Taiwan now so had to use the camera on the laptop. Okay quality for the web.