July 30, 2011

I just realized last night that this month marks one year since I started this blog! I only thought of it because today was the annual garage sale for the Dog Pinscher’s club. One of my first post was tupperware that I got from their sale last year. I’ve gone to their sale 3 years in a row now and I always find something. I got there at 7:55 and being one of the first to arrive, I got great parking. Carole and Marisa arrived right after me. I was rushing because I had to take Laura to the bus stop at 8:30 (today being National Cheesecake Day so she and her friends traditionally eat at Cheesecake Factory).

Last week, I got a gardenia from Lowe’s for $5.99 so I was happy to get this one at the Dog Pinscher sale for $2.

Also got this green sweater there for 25¢ which Laura says “looks like an 80-year-old who wear it.” No offense, if you are 80.

Also got a recipe book for 25¢ from the same sale and a wooden shelf with 4 pegs for $2. Perfect for displaying my bags. Also got a spam musubi, which was yummy. At another house, I got two rectangle nesting baskets for 25¢ for the pair. The two buckets (perfect for gardening) were 50¢ each.

At the same house with the buckets, I got this brand new area rug for $5. She was asking $6 for it but dropped the price to $5 when I picked it up.

I got both of these tops for 50¢ each at the same house. Perfect work clothes.

This American Eagle sweater was $1. I got it for Laura but she says she won’t wear it unless it’s 30 degrees outside.

I got this grey jacket for myself for $1. It is to replace my ratty old grey jacket that I wear every morning to work but not around the office because of its “rattyness.”

At the same house that I got the jackets from, I got both of these blouses, one red and one blue. Both for $1 each. Funny thing was when I bought all 4 clothing, I told them I have my own bag and gave them my tote bag and they looked at me and said “She’s a professional.”

Just last night, I was looking at my bed and was thinking of getting a bedskirt to cover my boxspring and today I found one for $2. Got the plastic container for pet food for 50¢. “Little Miss Sunshine” was $3. And I got the white shoes for $3. It was originally priced $5 but they lowered their price to $3 since it was almost 11am. I also got a glass bud vase for 50¢. I forgot to photograph it. I was close to buying a red Prada purse for $7 but the handle was tearing so I put it back.

Today, was one of the highest money spent days at g-sales. My total haul was $18.25, including the spam musubi. What a great day.