July 17, 2011

Got a late start in going to g-sales on Saturday since I went to Karl’s tennis game first. When I finally got around to my first sale, it was 10am. I went to 4 houses but came home with nothing. All the good stuff are gone by then. Lucky for me, I got to go to 2 sales today, Sunday. One was at the high school. I got a new black tank top from there for $1.

Then on the way home from the Open Market, I stopped at another house and picked up a DVD for $1. Good to watch while exercising. I also snatched up a McDonald’s Chococat watch for 25¢. I wanted this watch for a long time but McDonald’s ran out of them before I had a chance to pick one up. So I was really happy to find one that still in the bag. Even if the battery dies soon, it is well worth 25¢.