June 26, 2011

Although Sunday sales are usually rare, it’s a great day for find great deals.

I got the grey and beige shorts at a garage sale at MHS. Unfortunately, the grey shorts (although fr Hollister) are boy’s shorts and the beige ones are too big. I stopped at other house on the way home and got this black wallet for $1. They were asking $1 for the blue t-shirt but when I walked away to put it back (who pays $1 for a t-shirt?), they told me I could have it for free. I tried it on when I came home and I love it. It’s dressier than a regular t-shirt. Definitely was worth the $1.

I got this brown long cardigan for $1 for Laura. She absolutely loves it. Looks just like her.

I bought this long sleeve dress shirt for $1. I bought it for the texture of the fabric. I’m using it to make bags. Here’s my first creation with it.