June 18, 2011

This was last week’s finds. Haven’t had time to post until now.

Got this metal plant stand at a garage sale on Ocean View Drive after leaving the KCC Farmer’s Market on Saturday, June 18th. Was thrilled to get it for $3.00. At the same house, Mom found a Weight Watches scale (new) marked at $10. It’s the same scale that I have and paid $27 for it from Costco. I told her to ask for a better price which she replied “I don’t know how to do that.” So I asked the lady if that’s the best price she could offer. She said she wouldn’t go lower than $8. So Mom got it for $8. Everyone was happy, including me. I wish I could do this for a living. 🙂

On Sunday, I stopped at two garage sales in Mililani. Got this banana stand for $1, red bento fabric for 50¢, and this really cute wrap shirt for $2.00. It’s a perfect fit.

I like this picture because Chester and Chocolate’s tail is in it.