April 3, 2011

Boy, did I luck out. Today I found something I’ve been looking for for 2 months. It started because Diane (from the office) gave Martha a mini cupcake maker for her birthday in January. She said they also sell mini donut makers. I thought this was cute so I went to Macy’s at Kahala Mall but couldn’t find it. Then today at the open market, there was a bunch of garage sales also in the parking lot at MHS. And there it was… a mini donut maker still in the box!

And it was $2.00! Diane later told me it cost $20 at Macy’s.

I spent the rest of the day making all kinds of mini donuts. It came with a recipe book but I found the recipes to be not very sweet so topping is a must. The timing couldn’t be any better because tomorrow is our office bake sale to raise money for the American Red Cross for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. What a find!

(Note: We sold the donuts 3 for $1.00 and we sold out! We ended up raising more than $200 in bake goods and donations!)