March 26, 2011

Got a late start on sales today since I slept til 8:30. Chocolate woke me up twice last night because he was throwing up and had diarrhea. Good thing today was Saturday. He hid under the bed all morning. Hit nearly every sale in Mauka even it rained off and on.

Got large basket, which I’m using as a trash can for $1. Also got plastic clips (not shown) to hold down a table cloth for craft fairs on windy days. Got a “Friends” DVD Best of 2nd Season for $2. And I got two ceramic bowl for plants for 50¢ each. Both have small chips in them. Got a grey sweater, brown sleeveless top, and red blouse for 50¢ each. The sweater was new, but had a small brown spot on the front. Hopefully a good wash will get the spot out. Also got a red t-shirt that made me lol. I normally don’t buy t-shirts but this one was a keeper at 50¢. The very wrinkled blue top was $1.






























In the afternoon I drove Laura to voice lessons in Aiea. On the way, I saw a yard sale sign so I stopped by after dropping Laura off. After I walked into the garage filled with old trinkets I realized I was alone with a strange man who could possibly kill me and no one would know where I was. Maybe not the safest thing to do. Nethertheless, I did get two huge ceramic planters. At first he quoted me $10 for the black heavy pot and $8 for the smaller bronze one. But when he looked closer at it and saw small chips in them, he lowered the price to $5 each. I bought both. He was happy and carried both to my car. Old houses have good stuff. Now to decide what to plant in them.