March 13, 2010

Happy Day! Gayle called in the morning to tell me that the estate sale continued today. I had told her about it last night and she found out from Aunty Jean that it’s a Saturday & Sunday sale. So at 10:45am, we headed back to Pacific Palisades. This time I had Laura with me. Gayle and Aunty Jean would meet us at the house. I was hoping that my bench would be there but if it wasn’t, I was prepared too.

We got there at 11am and almost everything we saw yesterday was gone. Whatever was left was 50% off. The wall where the bench was was empty so I assumed it was gone. But the stools from Ethopia were still there and so were many of the spoons. I decided to get one of the Ethopian stools (the smaller of the pair). It was originally priced at $30 so I got it for $15.

Later, I researched wooden stools from Jimma, Ethopia. It’s made of solid wood so it is very sturdy. It’s made to fit Ethopian bottoms, not western bottoms so it’s not exactly comfortable.

I also saw this metal looking stool with intricate details. It’s really made of wood and it folds. Laura really liked it. It might be from India but there wasn’t a sign with it so I’m not really sure the story behind it. I also got it for $15.

I also got this platter stand that I thought would look nice on our dining room table.

Laura also found 2 spoons that she liked. But since my total was $39, she got 2 more spoons so it was an even $40.

I also saw this dove carved out of stone signed by the artist. It was $2.

Then, just when we were leaving, I saw the bench. They had moved it outside the house near the front door and I walked right passed it when we came in! It was now $20! I snatched it up. Five minutes later, a man wanted to buy it but when he found out I had already purchased it, he told me “you got a really good deal.”

Lucky it fit in car. Now it’s in our backyard. I just love it. Later in the afternoon, I took Laura to Goodwill for her to get clothes for spirit week and I found this blue nightstand. It wasn’t exactly cheap at $13 but I thought it would work well on the back porch as sort of an potting area. It now looks amazing!