March 12, 2011

Today, I spent the morning going to garage sales with my mom. She came at 8:30 to pick me up and we hit a few houses in Mauka before heading to her friend’s estate sale in Pacific Palisades.

At one house I got this beautiful green platter for $1 and an awesome gardening book for 50¢. I love that book since vegetable gardening is my new favorite hobby. At another house, I got this grey top for $1. Perfect for hot summer days.

But the best treasure of the day was the estate sale in Pacific Palisades. What a treasure trove! She’s a retired teacher who is moving from a house to a smaller place at Olaloa. She’s a world traveler and collector. She had an amazing collection of china, artifacts from Malaysia, Bali, Okinawa, Indonesia, and Japan, furniture, baskets, figurines, assorted Christmas decorations, appliances, plants, tools and more. Mom and I had a field day. It was part museum, part garage sale.

I love this clock! I got it for $3. It’s heavy and absolutely beautiful. The brand new Panini maker (still in the box) was $4.00, the green glass bowl (I love glass) was $1.00. “The Office” (BBC version) was $1.00. The Kitchen Aid spatula and miscellaneous spoon (for mixing plastisol) for were 25¢ each. Also got 3 collectible spoons (two were sterling silver) for $1.00 each. I had my eye on a Queen Anne upholstered chair for $20 but someone bought it. Also really wanted her wooden bench. It was $40 but didn’t get it. She also had wooden stands that were so interesting. Saw a Japanese antique chest for $20 but it needed to be professionally refinished and I wouldn’t know where to begin. Price of her other collectibles ranged from $12 to $30. Didn’t get any of those things but would have loved to taken Laura there so get a second opinion. Estate sales are amazing!

And that’s just what I got. Mom got a microwave for $1, four folding chairs for $4 each, batik looking fabric for $1, pyrex dish with wicker server for $2, 4 placemats for $4, large plastic goza for $4, a crockpot and much more. I think she said she spent $69. She really had fun. She said we should do this once a month.