February 19, 2011

omg! What fun I had today going garage sale shopping with Carole & Marisa. I don’t even know how many houses we went to but I bought something from almost every house. The back of the car quickly filled up with all the great deals. Carole and Marisa found great things too.

Got a rectangle planter for my lettuce for $1.00 (originally it was priced at $2, but I asked for $1 since it was dirty. Ironically it’s going to hold dirt). I actually bought a smaller plastic planter from Walmart last night on sale for $8.50. Got the book “Five Love Language for Children” for $1, “Monsters Etc. 2-DVD set  for $1, a papaya for $1, Crockpot cookbook $1, a pair of measuring spoons for 50¢ each and misc kitchen things (including a pot holder) for 25¢ each.

Also got this plastic drawers on casters for $5 and a toilet paper stand, which I’m going to use as a display for our hats. That was a $1.00.











Best deals were these two tops that I got for 50¢ each. Both fit! Now that’s a deal.