Garage Challenge by Carole & Marisa

Challenge is on girlfriend!  We discovered garage sales just a couple of years ago and it is soooo much fun!  I think Marisa has more fun than me since she is the one to find more treasures!   I usually find craft supplies/displays.  Yesterday morning I was exhausted so we decided to go to Kmart to buy those yummy Jalapeno Cheddar cheetos that we are addicted to.  On the way, we saw a garage sale sign in Waikele and you know we had to stop and look!  I found a Tupperware container for $1 and Marisa found 3 Pokemon Nintendo Gameboy color cartridges for 25cents each.  They are “old” games but they still worked!!   This morning, I saw a craigslist posting for a soccer fundraiser garage sale in the lower parking lot of MHS  so we went bright and early!  We found a scrabble game for $1 (can use the tiles for my jewelry), Hanafuda playing cards for 50cents, a Home Remedies hard back book for $1 and a paperback book called Falling Leaves – a memoir of an unwanted Chinese daughter for 50cents.  Saw somemore garage sales signs so off we went!  At our next stop, I found 9 sheets of plastic canvas for $1 – woohoo…I use those for the Magic Wallets that I handstitch.  After that house, we drove up to Mauka and found a Tupperware container for 50cents.