August 28, 2010

After two weeks of being busy, I finally got a chance to leisurely browse around garage sales again. I didn’t find much but I did run into some crafters I know and got to talk story. Also, my cousin’s son’s soccer team was doing a fundraiser garage sale that was really fun because they had a lot of stuff. I picked up a few things there. But since it’s a fundraiser, I also bought a spam musubi and made a cash donation. Was the best spam musubi I ever had.Crafters can always use extra storage. These plastic shelves were $2.

This is my haul from the Abunai Garage Sale fundraiser: a decorative Christmas birdhouse for my window sill for $3; a metal bookstand for $1 (although the tag in Japanese shows a picture of bath tub organizer?); new crochet socks for $1 (I love handmade treasures); and a very pretty ceremic dish for $2.50 which I’m using to hold my earrings but I might make it a water dish for Chester.