August 7, 2010

I only had 30 minutes to shop this morning and I was getting pretty frustrated since most garage sales start at 8am. At 7:50, my friend called me on my cell to tell me she was at a big garage sale benefiting a dog club. I had seen this on craigslist earlier in the week but they didn’t put up their signs yet and I wasn’t sure how to get there. In the meantime I was browsing at another house nearby. A man who was listening to my phone call asked me if I was going to another garage sale and I told him “Yes, there’s another one for a dog club.”
“The Doberman Pinscher Club?” he said.
“Yes,” I said stunned that he knew about it.
“I didn’t see any signs. They usually advertised,” he said.
“I saw it on craigslist,” I said.
He smiled. “Follow me. I know where it is.”
So I followed him. They were just starting to put out their signs so people were starting to arrive just after I got there. My friend and daughter were there and got a few great deals. I just had a few minutes so I quickly got a brown sweater for an amazing 25¢ and two tupperware containers with measuring spoons for $1. Not bad for a quick morning.