July 31, 2010

The rain made me hover closer to home but still managed to find some great buys. The best find of the day was a set of ceramic bowls for $5.00. The set included 4 soup bowls and 5 little ones. They had other sets too. But I liked the simplicity of the cherry blossom design of this one.

At my first stop, I picked up a really nice cat photo album (was still in the box) for $1.00.

But the fun thing to buy is ALWAYS clothes. And if I can find work clothes, it’s even better. I really like this purple Cinnamon Girl sweater. I had to dig around a bin to find it, but digging for treasure is half the fun.

I also got a green top and a red top for a $1.00 each. The red one will look especially good with black leggings.

And I got a terracotta pot for 25¢ at the same place as the clothes. Ready to plant the oregano seeds that Gayle gave me last night from Oregon!